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The Year of Mercy: Forgiveness, Joy and Confession

Mercy and Hope interview with Mike Pacer and Doug Keck

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October 20 E-Notes

10-20-2016Fr. John Barry

Next Weekends.  New Dividing Doors.
RCIA Classes
Monday’s Special Panel Presentation & Website Plug
Sat, Oct 28 Talk for Year of Mercy
All Saints and All Souls Days.  Mercy Station.
One Daily Mass Schedule Change


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Justice and Dignity of Life Panel

10-23-2016Fr. John Barry

Coming up on Monday, Oct. 24th, from 7 p.m. and on, in our church, is a Justice and Dignity of Life panel of Catholic experts, including Fr. Daniel Mindling, Dr. G. Kevin Donovan, and Elena Boisvert, Esq. They will speak on, and receive questions about, Honoring the Dignity of Sick and Dying Persons. It is a Catholic adult education evening. It is our latest program for this Year of Mercy. God uses His Church to care for His sick and dying people. He looks for us to be agents of Divine Mercy. We need to understand the Lord’s call in this realm. The world has ideas of its own about sick and dying persons, where Mercy can be forgotten or ignored, too often, for the sake of things like saving people the time and effort for caring for a loved one, or the saving of money or such. This leads to new governmental intervention, such as suggesting of having people just remove themselves (as in ‘assisting’ people into suicide). The Church has her teachings on how to choose and proceed when a persons’ life is so poor or ill or being artificially sustained. It is good to know what those teachings are from experts in the Church.