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Christ the King Meditation

11-22-2015Fr. John Barry

People may be in your life that are difficult to love or accept. GIVE THANKS TO GOD.
You may be misunderstood or mistreated by some people. GIVE THANKS TO GOD.
You wish you had some more peace in your day, but it doesn’t come easy. GIVE THANKS TO GOD.
You may not be heading towards your dreams or desires. GIVE THANKS TO GOD.
You may have done good, but it usually goes unappreciated. GIVE THANKS TO GOD.
For the Bible says to “give thanks to God in everything.” So probably, the thanksgiving can turn any troubles into reasons to be glad GOD is on the throne, and how He (mercifully and justly) will sort out everything in the end, in its time.
Ecclesiastes has a verse that says: “There is a purpose for everything under heaven.”
Thus – we can give thanks to God. Amen.

Fr. Barry