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May 26 E-Notes

05-26-2017Fr. John Barry
  • Feast of the Ascension is this weekend.
  • Stay tuned for the June clergy schedule
  • Sat, Jun 17 will be the memoriam Mass for Fr. Tom Kehoe
  • ...and much more

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We Remember

05-28-2017Fr. John Barry

On this weekend, we continue Easter time into its Seventh Week; but the Church moves the Ascension Feast to today, so it will be our theme.

Pentecost is next Sunday, June 4th (and vigil). Next Saturday (June 3) is our Live Christ, Share Christ day—with five seminars in the church—and the further promo of it is found later in this bulletin (and it is on the website).

This end of May three-day weekend is for Memorial Day (May 27-28-29). We have a speaker at Saturday night/Sunday morning Masses (post-Communion) for the occasion. Because Memorial Day is a holiday Monday, we do not have morning Mass, nor office hours tomorrow on the 29th.

I checked out how many military funeral-burials I have officiated here for St. Edwards. It is 22 of them. I also have assisted/attended another dozen ones. As the Military led the rites, and I came on as a participant clergyman for those ones. Among 2017 burials, I also have had Masses for officers in the Vietnamese and Philippine military. The three popular sites for military burials in this area are Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery, Crownsville Veterans Cemetery, and Arlington National Cemetery.

The past week, a sad death occurred when Bowie State’s ROTC graduate student Richard Collins was slain by a random shooter on the campus of the University of Maryland. At Tuesday’s BSU graduation ceremony, Collins was remembered. He would have served the U.S. Military, so on this Memorial Day we pray for him.

Fr. Barry