We Enter into the Desert of Lent

02-11-2018Pastor's MessageRev. Scott Holmer

It is amazing to think that this Wednesday is already Ash Wednesday. Lent recalls Jesus' time of fasting for forty days in the desert so that Jesus could triumph over Satan's lies. Satan's primary goal is to convince us that God does not really love us. Satan will try to sow doubts such as: "If God really loved you, then this fill-in-the-blank bad thing would not have happened to you."

If we are unaware that this is his voice, we might accept this lie and stop putting our hope in God's love. If we believe his lies, we lose our inner peace and we become filled with fear. In our fear, Satan tempts us to put our hope in money, or in pleasure, or in fame instead of God. We think, "If only we had these things, then we would be happy."

We enter into the desert of Lent through fasting and prayer to exorcise these lies. This way we can eradicate sin at its root. When you are discerning what to give up for Lent, give up something that you are attached to that does not lead you to God. Doing so might reveal why you believe you need such a thing to be happy and may reveal a way the devil has been trying to manipulate you.

The devil hates for his lies to be revealed. Be not afraid to let go of those attachments that Jesus wants you to let go of this Lent so that Jesus can bring his life into the part of our hearts that Satan wants to keep a lifeless desert.

God bless,

Fr. Scott